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English Tuition for P3 to P6 Students

Welcome to Lil' but Mighty

Components covered:

  1. Paper 1 (Situational Writing and Creative Writing)
  2. Paper 2 (including Grammar, Comprehension, etc.)
  3. Oral (Reading & Stimulus-based Conversation)

How do we tackle the PSLE Paper: All about Strategies

With so many components to tackle, a concrete plan and set of strategies are required to ensure the highest rate of success during the examination. At Lil' but Mighty, we pride ourselves in the easy-to-apply strategies that we impart to our students. Be it in writing, paper 2 components or oral, our students have the relevant strategies to confidently face each component.

3 Signs that your child may need our help:

- Grades have been dropping for 2 terms

- Struggling in more than one area in the subject
(e.g. creative writing and comprehension)

- Lacking in interest to complete school work

(this may be due to lack of understanding of the subject)

Parents and lil' ones love us
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Have a taste of what our lil' ones learn by exploring The Essentials to PSLE English starter-kit!

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We recognise a need for a systematic approach to teaching language skills. With our team of passionate and experienced teachers, strategies and a step-by-step approach are formulated to help children master the various components in English.


Get a jump-start with The Essentials to PSLE English starter-kit!

What you can expect from our FREE starter-kit:

- Used by MOE Teachers in Schools

- Watch free online pre-recorded videos on essential topics such as:

1. Grammar

2. Sentence Synthesis

- Download free printable materials such as our popular:

1. Formal versus Informal Situational Writing Comparison Chart

2. Grammar and Synthesis Ultimate Revision Summary Chart

3. Stimulus-Based Conversation PSLE English Oral Checklist

- Quick access to last minute revision tips required to ace the examinations!

- FREE 15 minutes phone call consultation to help match your child to a course that suits his/her learning needs!